Many people believe being a libertarian socialist is an oxymoron, something that contradicts itself in meaning, but most people have been taught state-socialism, that which was advocated by Leninists and Stalinists.

True socialism is the philosophy of anarchists, women and men who want to be free from coercive rule and authoritarian laws, and want to share and collectively manage the commons and means of production through direct democratic initiatives.

True socialism is based around a voluntary society, that does not involve the state, and is best suited for the majority of citizens who labor to survive.

Libertarian socialism revolves around transparent and rational experimentation and exploration to solve our struggles, and rejects opaque and convoluted predictions of dogma from a minority group of "future seers". We don't know all the answers, therefore we should continue to progress in an organic and democratic way forward.

Socialism does not mean everyone makes the same amount of money, or everyone drives red cars, it is a simple concept based on self-ownership over one's labor.

Libertarian or anarchist socialists therefore seek the maximum amount of freedoms and equality possible for all people, without the use of coercion, and instead rely on our natural voluntary collective nature as a species to serve one another to form our societies by.

We are anarchists because we don't believe in unjustified undemocratic authoritarian laws. Unjustified authoritarian laws are laws created by a few people (e.g. Supreme Court ruling that corporations are people). Such authoratarian laws avoid democractic processes, and instead rely upon the "wisdom" of a chosen few, completely outside the reach of the people they rule over.

Here are a few core principles within the Libertarian Socialist philosophy.

  • Labor-owned workforce.

  • Stateless societies, built upon voluntary associations, with horizontal structured institutions of management over the commons.

  • Adherence and recognition to our individual liberties and rights as sentient beings.

  • The rejection of unjustified undemocratic authority.

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